Friday, April 10, 2009

pre-race stress

Tomorrow isn't a race, but I've got all the night-before-triathlon stress since my plan is to do the 1/2 mile (freezing cold) swim, then ride the 6.5 mile bike course loop that makes up the triathlon I'm doing the following weekend, then do my long(ish) run. So that means getting all my gear together for all three sports. Where are my goggles? What's the course look like again? Plus doing last minute wetsuit research to figure out which wetsuit I should ask to demo if there are still choices left when I get there. Bringing enough fuel (water, food) to get me through the 6-8 mile run, since I can't eat the pancakes that will be served after the swim. Making sure my clothes will be warm enough... etc. Plus getting to bed early - already too late for that! Time to get back to throwing all my stuff together. At least I don't have to worry about rushing between the 3 sports. It's like a time-delayed triathlon.

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