Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party Pardee weekend

My first 100k ride on the year was yesterday. The Party Pardee ride was my friend Lauren's first metric century ride. We're both training for the full Aquabike (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike) that takes place in Napa on August 1. We had a great training ride since Party Pardee has some hills, just like Napa valley. Yesterday's 65 miles of cycling had us climb 4150 feet. I'd never paid much attention to the amount of climbing in a ride before, so wasn't quite sure what we were in for. It wasn't too bad though (I'd love to know the total climbing for the St Croix half ironman I did in 2007).

The morning started so chilly - 44 degrees F - I was actually shivering for a few moments. (If you think I'm being wimpy, keep in mind that my tri class coach suggests dressing for 20 degree cooler weather for cycling, 20 degree warmer for running; so think of it as 24 degrees.) But it warmed up to at least 65. I peeled layers all day it seemed, finally ending up with a long sleeve shirt (with leg warmers in the shirt pockets) tied around my handlebars!

The first 30 miles just had gentle rollers that kept things interesting. The scenary was pretty nice too. Lauren and I started asking ourselves if we'd hit any of the steep climbs yet, because we felt so good. Around mile 40 the steeper and longer hills started; they lasted about 8-10 miles. It was nice to reach the rest stop at mile 50 and know the majority of the climbing was done. Some of the descents were so fast they made my eyes water. There were plenty of long gradual climbs. I think I dislike those the most because you can't always tell by looking at the terrain that it's an incline, but when you see your current MPH you know you're going slow. Even when you know it's uphill, if it doesn't look steep, then I feel like it shouldn't be that hard and I shouldn't slow down much. That's much more mentally discouraging to me than when I see a steep incline. I think this probably stems from the fact that I started cycling when I was living on an island where a steep hill meant 18-20% grade. I can't think of any hills I've come across while cycling in California that I've thought "wow this is really steep." That's not to say all the hills I've climbed have been easy, but they all look doable to me, because they're all easier than The Beast on St. Croix. I'm so glad I did that race if for no other reason than the confidence boost it gives me when I've got hills to climb on the bike.

Stats for the Party Pardee ride:
distance 65.06
riding time 4:32.47
total time 6:04 (including all stops)
max speed 36.4
avg 14.3
max HR 180
avg HR 142

I felt good after the ride. My legs weren't any more sore than they had been all week, though overall I felt ready for a nap. I had to bring all of my own food since I'm on a gluten free diet and couldn't eat the standard pretzels, bread, pastries, etc, that you find at rest stops of organized rides. At the finish lunch I was able to eat the salad (iceburg lettuce with italian dressing), and Lauren gave me a LaraBar she had in her jersey, since I'd left mine with our bikes. I felt like I ate enough during the ride, but next time I need to bring salt since I realized my gluten-free sports snacks did not have enough sodium in them for me. I felt a little light headed at the last rest stop and when we finished the ride - not during the ride though luckily.

This morning I joined the Fleet Feet running group for their Sunday long runs. It's an out-and-back course, so everyone goes their own pace and distance. My friend J was there - she's training for the San Francisco women's marathon in October. (J - let me know if I can use your first name.) J ran the first 4 with me, which was nice of her since I'm a bit slower than her normal pace. She showed me the turnaround so that I could run 8 miles. I'd planned on 7-8 but felt good after 3.5 so went on to 4. After I turned around and ran on my own for another mile though, my knee started hurting pretty badly. Seems like my IT band again. UGH. I incorporated a lot of walking breaks on the way back to the car and am icing for the second time today as I write this.

distance: 8 miles
time: 1:33.15
max HR 171
avg 154
first 4 miles: 43.5 min
second 4 miles: 50 min

Plan for the week - (needs some more thinking but I thought I'd throw it in here since it's Sunday PM)
Mon: rest - ?
Tues: PM tri class run
Wed: AM/PM ride to/from work
Thur: maybe run to/from work from the park (~3-3.5 miles each way) and/or swim at gym which is right by the park
Fri: ?
Sat: open water swim event (1/2 - 1 mile); run 8
Sun: bike 60 miles

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