Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Morning brick

The rain started yesterday afternoon just as I was finishing a post-lunch walk with a friend. My hamstring started bothering me in the afternoon, so that plus the rain put me in a gloomy, grumpy mood. I rode my bike straight to the park where I'd left my car all day, and drove straight home (didn't even look at the gym where the treadmill was waiting for me). I was ready for my pjs and some hot soup. I had an evening of "what was I thinking signing up for an Ironman??" which I think everyone has every so often. Then I stayed up too late again - I really need to start getting my 8+ hours of sleep again. It really helps with the motivation to exercise. I knew I just needed a good morning workout and then I'd feel better, so set my alarm for 6am and forced myself to get up. It was a struggle. But I ended up out the door in time to ride my bike to work and then run a mile around the capitol park once I got downtown. There was no rain on my bike commute. The streets were wet, but the air wasn't too cold, even with some wind. The run felt good, though it was a lot slower than it felt. I'm hoping the ominous clouds go away before it's time to ride my bike home. My commute is only 7.5 miles each way on the bike, but in the afternoon it always seems a lot longer.

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