Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More running to work

I did the run (halfway) to work again today. The temperature sure dropped over the last week. Last Tuesday I was fine in a sleeveless jersey and shorts. Today I needed two layers and capri pants to run and I was still a bit chilled, probably due to the wind. My run to work (the 2.5 mile scenic route) took 27:15 and the 2.3 mile route back was 28:15. I think my heart-rate monitor had a meltdown on way to work. It says my max HR was 224. hah! My HR often seems to spike right at the beginning - I probably don't warm up long enough. The 224 was definitely a fluke though. Probably why it thinks I burned so many calories. Maybe I didn't earn that extra rice cake with honey on it afterall...

I hit the gym after running back to my car after work. Just a quick weight lifting session - 20-25 minutes. I did some stretching afterwards and saw a woman doing some interesting ab exercises. She was happy to show me them and give me some tips to figure out a good ab routine. I neglect my core way too much so am excited about structuring some ab workouts into my schedule. The abs really help keep everything else in its proper place when running, biking, and swimming, so a strong core can help prevent injury.

A little more on the Wildflower ride - we didn't see any wildflowers other than the ones that were strategically placed in vases (old bike water bottles) at the rest stops and finish. Also, I achieved my maximum bike speed so far in my cycling history: 40.1 mph. It wasn't even scary because it was a fairly straight road. The problem is when you're riding so fast, the wind is pretty loud and I tend to think there's a car behind me which can spook me.

Going backwards even more, the split times from the sprint tri last week still aren't posted. I hate waiting for official results! I'm anxious to see how I did in each sport compared to others in my age group. The official photos are posted though (with watermarks so large it's hard to identify the athlete). Here I am walking to T2 - it's a funny picture because I have my prescription goggles plastered to my face so I can see the little rocks that I'm stepping on. And a running photo and an awards photo too.

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