Friday, April 17, 2009

Lunch run

Just got back from a quick lunchtime run with a coworker. We ran 2 loops around the capitol park (1 mile per loop). It's true what they say - exercise mid-day can really boost your energy level. I haven't had much exercise this week. I should have just skipped Tuesday's group run. It was so windy that by the end of my warmup mile, my eyes were itching like crazy, I couldn't stop sneezing, and it was kind of hard to breathe. So I got the instructions for the "tune up" (pre-race) run and headed home. Today's run was the rune-up run, kind of. We did a 1/2 mile warmup and then 1 mile at race pace and then a 1/2 mile cooldown. I can't remember the coach's instructions for the tune-up run other than 1/2 mile warmup and 1/2 mile race pace, followed by 1 mile but not sure of pace for that 1 mile. race pace? cooldown? so I did a combo.
Wednesday it was supposed to be windy in the afternoon again, so in lieu of riding my bike to work, I took Sierra to the dog park and ran around with her before work. We did it again on Thursday morning. 20 minutes of running laps at the dog park isn't quite the same as two 30 minute bike rides though. I decided I really needed to get my allergy shots this morning. It takes over an hour to ride my bike to the doctor's office for my shots, so I didn't feel like doing that this morning since it would've meant getting up at 5am to deal with the dog first. I'm just full of excuses! I'm getting my stuff together though and I did do a run at lunch so that's something. Tomorrow I'll hop on my bike for a little while before we go to Davis for Picnic Day. Then Sunday is the sprint tri. I should probably practice getting in and out of my wetsuit tonight or tomorrow!

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