Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Long day + flim explained

Long day today with very little exercise. Too tired to even explain the circumstances (summary for the only person who is curious, mom: not much sleep because of kevin showing up at odd hours of the night, late to work, stayed late at work, only biked about 2 miles to/from where i ended up parking). The morning would've been perfect for biking. Just didn't work out for me. My afternoon bike ride to my car left me with itchy eyes and a non-stop sneeze. Tomorrow has wind forecast so I'm not thrilled about my plan to do a partial run to/from work. Will reassess in the morning and bike from the park if it's still supposed to be super windy. Since it's usually not windy til the afternoon, I may be able to get a longer ride done in the morning, leaving only a 15 minute ride in the afternoon. Fell for the old terrible habit of snacking when tired. Food is great energy but sometimes sleep is the only answer!

I'm still toying with doing the Napa Vintage 1/2 iron triathlon on May 2. I'm going to decide after my 10 mile run on Saturday. Rose (my IM training buddy) is running 20, and then she's joining me for the 100k bike ride on Sunday in Chico! And she thinks I'm hard core for running 2 miles to work on Tuesday. hah. It's so nice to have someone with whom to share all this training.

Before I forget, I wanted to explain my blog URL name. flim09. The 09 should be obvious. Ironman races are typically known as Ironman X, where X is the location (Ironman Arizona, Ironman Florida, Ironman Germany, etc). IMFL is the serious acronym. Friend Lauren called it FLIM once and it just sounded so funny. I use it for the light-hearted times. All this is just for fun anyways, so might as well get some laughs along the way. It reminds me of this guy I met when living in the VI. Flip (short for Philip) lived in Puerto Rico and somehow we became email buddies while both training for the St Croix half iron tri. St Croix was my first 1/2 iron race (and only, so far). I was a little nervous about it. The swim starts on a little cay just off the shore, so the athletes all have to swim to the race start. As I was swimming up to the cay, I saw Flip. He had brought an underwater camera and was taking pictures of everyone. He told me he planned to take pictures of the rescue scuba divers during the race. It just seemed really funny to me at the time and it totally changed my attitude for the whole day. I stopped worrying and just decided to have fun. I even stopped swimming to wave at the rescue divers during the race and one of them took a picture of me. Fun times. (Poor Flip, The Beast killed his chain and he DNFed.) (Watching these videos of people climbing a portion of The Beast made me nostalgic. Kinda wish I could hop on down there for the race next weekend! Getting to the top of that hill is one of the best feelings in the world.) So flim09 is the fun name I've got for IMFL '09.

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