Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ice Breaker Swim+

The swim this morning was very cold. I heard it was 53 degrees. Brrrr. It took me about 10 minutes to get comfortable. (i.e. able to swim and breathe normally) That was before the swim started. During that time someone asked me if I was okay b/c I was so short of breath trying to force my face in the water. After 6 or 7 min I was able to swim and felt okay after 10. My face, hands, and feet were numb though. It should be warmer next weekend since it's supposed to be warm and sunny this week. I was very glad I bought a neoprene swim cap that covered my ears with a strap that went under my chin.

The 1/2 mile course took me 15:27. (Not bad for it being my 5th (or 6th?) swim of 2009.) Especially considering I had to stop twice to reassure myself that even though I could feel the wetsuit on my neck I was not in fact being choked to death. Since it was so strange being in a wetsuit I didn't bother trying to swim fast. It was the first time I ever had to just focus on finishing. I tried to focus on my stroke and saved most of the panic for after I finished. (There may have been tears involved as I asked Dave (conveniently located at the finish) to help me breathe by unzipping me.) It was psychological though - it was fine physically. The suit fit me well. I even decided to rent it for the week. (If I'd switched to rent another suit I wouldn't have been able to get it today.) I am also thinking I may want to buy a sleeveless wetsuit instead of full, since sleeveless will be fine for FL and there aren't that many cold swims here. Although when we move farther south, ocean swims may be happier with a full wetsuit.

My feet were still numb when I rode the bike course 45 minutes after I exited the water. The bike course is a 6.5 mile loop that we'll do twice next week. I was just cruising and took 28 min to ride it. When I had about 1.5 miles left, I went over a few bumps and soon it was hard to pedal. I thought I had a flat but the tire looked fine. Then I decided I must have just gotten really, really tired all of a sudden. When I finished the ride, I realized my bike brakes had started to rub against the tire. Felt much better knowing that.

Dave and I then went for my "long" run - my main exercise for the day. (The swim and bike were just practices.) My toes were burning as we started, since they were just starting to warm up. We enjoyed the many trails in the park. Lots of single track mountain bike trails but also horse trails. It turned into a beautiful day and the lake was very pretty. We ran for 80 minutes at a pace that was good for me (sub-11 min?) and not painfully slow for him. It was nice to get my whole Saturday workout in all while spending time with Dave (except for the 20 min or so that I was in the lake). I kind of wish we knew how far we ran, but it was nice to just randomly choose directions whenever we came upon crossings on the trails. We were exploring in a way.

I've got the wetsuit for the week so I will probably do a practice swim or two, maybe even just in the pool here, so that I can get used to the neckline. Maybe I should buy a turtleneck and wear it with a choker-style necklace, too.

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