Friday, April 10, 2009

I love mornings

Thursday I woke up early so I could do a short run and some weight training at the gym before work. I snoozed a little so I didn't get to do quite as many weights as I'd planned. I prioritized the run since I skipped Tuesday's run. I just did an easy 3 miles (11:20 was probably my avg pace) and then did weights quads, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. Of course I stretched afterwards. I love using the foam roller to stretch my IT band after a run. I use it twice a day, but it's especially good after a run. All day Thursday I felt good since I'd already done my workout. Just another reminder that morning workouts work best for me. I could tell I was feeling good on Wednesday after my ride to work when I found myself doing pushups at lunchtime. (My lack of upper body strength is pretty incredible, so I'm doing pushups against the counter and am slowly going to lower and lower objects to push against. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to do more than 4 pushups on the ground.)

After work yesterday I had to take my road bike to the shop for some quick fixes. My derailler was all messed up after the mechanic at Party Pardee adjusted it for me. It was just slightly off and I thought he would make it better. But he made it worse. (Now I know which bike shop in town to avoid.) And then I hastily tried to fix it myself without consulting my Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, and I made it even worse. Rather than spend another hour or so messing with it, I figured I'd leave it to the experts. This is good though, because they're doing a safety check for me too, which will make me feel better about riding it in my race next weekend. Due to all the logistics involved, I drove to work today. I couldn't figure out a good way to ride my hybrid to work and pick up my road bike after work. And I need my road bike for tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning... I will not be loving the morning. I'm participating in the Ice Breaker Swim. The name isn't entirely accurate, but I think it'll feel that way. Expecting temps in the high 50s. The swim isn't a race (lame huh?) but is part of the tri class I'm in that ends with next weekend's Ice Breaker Sprint Triathlon. (The swim includes a free wetsuit rental. But the tri does not, so on the calendar for the next week is to rent or buy a wetsuit. I'll be needing it for other events this year anyway.) So tomorrow after a miserable 1/2 mile swim, I'm going to ride my bike on the race course to scope it out. Dave's going to ride his bike too - but he is skipping the swim. Can't say that I blame him. I am really tempted to skip it too. (We're both anxiously awaiting the arrival of a tropical bubble that we can live in. Oh what I'd give to be doing my swim along the north shore of St John tomorrow!) Then I will run for awhile (basically as long as I can run before Dave gets tired of waiting for me). Sunday I'm doing a long and flat ride - along the American River Trail - about 60 miles. Due to the IT Band flaring up, I decided to follow the advice in my tri book - do the long run before the long ride instead of the other way around. Reduces running injuries.

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