Monday, April 27, 2009

I *heart* long weekends

I'm so glad I took today off from work. I definitely needed a recovery day. Having the vacation day let me spend Sunday night in Chico, spend more time with Dave and Sierra, and not have to drive back to Sac after the long bike ride. I still managed to fill the day with chores and did not get a well-deserved nap. Also didn't get to swim or hit the gym for weights - I'd wishfully thought I might have the time. Cleaning up around home and getting some grocery shopping and cooking done for the week is always handy though. Makes it easier to get through the week in so many ways.

I have this Friday and then Monday off from work too. Initially I'd requested them because I had plans to do either a half iron distance triathlon in Napa on Saturday or going to the Wildflower triathlon fest for the whole weekend. Rose is going to Wildflower, and I was really tempted to join her because the fest is legendary! But my legs are not in shape to run 13.1 miles right now and I don't want to travel that far for the olympic distance race when it would mean 2 weeks without seeing my husband or puppy! I'm also tempted to do the Napa race because they give Athena awards 3 deep and per previous year race results, they never have more than 3 Athena racers! But that's not a good enough reason to risk injury. I'm still nursing my IT band and trying to increase my running distance the proper way - no more than 10% increase of mileage total each week. Last week I ran just over 14. I'd really have liked my weekly total to be more than that right now but I still have enough time to get my mileage up to where it needs to be by October. Better safe than sorry.

The real point of this post is that having today off to just get things done and quasi-rest, instead of having to rush back to work Monday morning really helped me realize that I should try to do this more often. Just a few days ago I was thinking I should not take the four-day weekend next weekend since I'm not doing either of the long distance triathlons. But today, I'm ready for the four-day weekend! I think my body needs more regular R&R than a week off from work here and there throughout the year can really offer. Long weekends are going to be how I use vacation time this year.

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