Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dragging today

I'm really dragging today. Tired and hungry, tired and hungry. It's so windy out that I decided I didn't want to bike at all, so I drove to work. I still got up early though and took Sierra to the dog park in the morning. Hopefully she is as tired as I am today. (We did get 9 hours of sleep last night though.) I'm heading to my last tri class workout in a few minutes. A group run at the park. We'll do a tune-up run, in prep for Sunday's sprint tri. My knee/IT band is hurting a smidgeon so I will be sure and ice it tonight when I'm done. Looking forward to the end of the tri class. I've met some great people, but I think I'm too independant to have 3 workouts per week dictated by someone else, especially when the coach has been aiming to please a range of beginners to the Ironman-in-training athletes. Hopefully the wind dies down soon. My allergies are not thrilled with the pollen in the air!

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