Saturday, March 28, 2009

swim clinic and new gear

Today was a beautiful day in Sacramento. I went for a 6 mile run starting at 9:45am and it actually got a bit too warm near the end. It took me 68 minutes, which is an okay pace for me (11:20 min per mile) but since it was supposed to be an easy run I probably should've slowed down a tinsy bit more. It's nice to worry about running too fast for a change though.

Right after the run, I came home, had a quick PB & honey sandwich and then headed to a swim clinic, that was a part of the triathlon training class I signed up for (Nov-Apr). It was pretty fun. We did some Total Immersion style drills, which are boring, but helpful to improve my stroke. It's tough having a coach tell me to change my stroke after so many years! I don't place my right hand in the water properly, for example. I just gently set it down. So I'm working on that, as well as increasing my body rotation. The fun part of the class was that we practiced mass swim starts. If you've never seen a triathlon swim start, this Clif bar ad on YouTube will give you a good idea of how you should practice for one. We also practiced drafting, which I'd never found helpful, but now I think I'll be more likely to try it (although it does feel like cheating). Finally, we did a 500 meter time trial. (Actually, I'm not sure if it was meters or yards, I should check that.) My time was 9:24, which is perfectly fine by me since I've only swam 4 times this year!

I also went to Bicycles Plus to check out their 25% off sale. I bought a new saddle - went with the Specialized Jett, a short step down from the one I was looking at, but it was actually 40% off so I couldn't pass it up. Will put it on the bike tomorrow before a test ride. Got new bike shorts too, the very helpful and knowledgable woman who helped me said the ones I've been using are made for 1-2 hour rides, and that a better short will be really nice on my long rides this year. No new shoes yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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