Monday, March 30, 2009


I hate shopping! I spent so much time this weekend shopping for bike gear. Driving from one shop to another, trying things on, etc, etc. Yesterday was supposed to be a brick workout, but taxes came first and then I had to rush to REI to use the 20% off coupon before it expired. I bought new road bike shoes, but had to drive to an REI over 30 miles away to get my size, and now I think the shoes might actually be too big, so I may have to redo all that shopping. I have replacements in mind already though. So yesterday's workout got scrapped for those tedious things.

Today's workout plan included a 50 mile bike ride. (My office observed Cesar Chavez day today.) Today's ride got scrapped due to shopping taking all day. Today was the last day of the bike sales in town, so I went looking for a new bike. I decided to look at new road bikes instead of a tri bike, since road bikes are a lot more versatile, and I'm not really looking to win the ironman, so maybe a more comfortable ride will be better for me. I test rode a lot, so at least I got some riding in. I found a bike I like a lot, and now just need to decide if I want to spring for a new bike, or if I want to spend money on my current setup to improve the fit. (It's slightly too long for me.) The salesperson agreed to extend the sale through the rest of the week for me so I'd have time to mull it over. It would be nice to have a bike that fits me from the start. My current bike is a Trek 1000, 54cm, and it's a bit too long for me. I bought it because of the 10 or so bikes that the St Thomas bike shop had, it seemed to fit. I seem to recall the rest were all larger, so it was the right bike for then. I'm thinking a carbon frame would be nice though. I did get the new saddle and the new pedals installed on the bike. (that's how I decided the shoes might be too big.)

It's really stressful to have missed so many workouts lately. I think once I have my gear, it'll be really nice not to have to spend so many hours shopping! When I was training for my half ironman, I didn't spend much time searching for the perfect gear even though cycling was a new sport to me. Once the bike shop closed (right after I bought my bike) there was nowhere to buy any triathlon items on island. I suppose I did have to do shopping when in the states, but the time was limited.

I still need a wetsuit and aerobars. Will probably go to REI for aerobars due to their amazing return policy.

Plan for the next week:
Tues: AM bike ride on the trainer; PM run at the park
Wed: Ride bike to/from work (~ 30-40 min workout each way)
Thur: AM run 4-5 miles
Fri - bike to/from work OR ride bike halfway (drive to a park and ride from there) and/or swim (will decide based on energy level, need to make sure i'm ready for saturday's workout)
Sat - Party Pardee 100km bike ride
Sun - run 7-8 miles
Mon - rest or swim

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