Friday, March 27, 2009

IT band and sick puppy

Yesterday I was able to leave work on time and got excited about doing a brief 3 mile run, but then I realized that my IT band had been bothering me all day and I thought I should go home and ice it after a long walk with the puppy. The evening didn't turn out quite as planned. While I was at my neighbor's for about 5 minutes, Sierra snagged my pill box that had a week's worth of asthma meds and vitamins and iron supplements and ate most of the contents. That led to me running around to get stuff to make her throw it back up, which didn't quite work. We ended up staying up late because I wanted to observe her and make sure she was okay. She was fine until she got sick around 2:30am but then seemed fine after that. so that's good, but neither of us got much sleep. I really like to get at least 8 hours, but I prefer 9 hours when I'm actually training properly. I had plenty of time to ice my IT band though. I'm going to start icing it twice a day like I'm supposed to. I'm just not very good at sitting in one place that long most days.

After work I'm going to try to swap my pedals for the new LOOK pedals I got. I'd been using an SPD system for my mountain bike shoes, but it's time to upgrade. I still need to buy road bike shoes but haven't found the perfect pair yet. (Well, found the perfect pair but am looking for something more reasonably priced.) My dad loaned me his old road bike shoes though, so I can at least use those for now.

This weekend may be the weekend to buy lots of the gear I need. The local bike shops are having big sales (25% off), and the tax rate increases by 1% on April 1. Things I'm in the market for:
  • wetsuit (never needed one before! this is one of my biggest worries since I have no idea what I will like or dislike in a wetsuit)
  • road bike shoes - carbon sole please
  • saddle (strongly considering the Specialized Ruby Gel)
  • aerobars
  • tri bike (this really belongs on my Wish List)
  • new bike gloves - mine are bit wornout, but i'm happy to get the same pair again, if i can figure out what they are
  • new bike shorts - ditto
  • new swim suit(s) - ditto

I don't need any running gear right now, probably because I ran this winter. It would be nice to have a second pair of shoes so I can alternate the use of them. They're on order for me. :)

Since my IT band is a bit annoying, I'm going to skip any serious hill workouts this weekend and save that for the April 4 100k bike ride. Will do my run in the morning tomorrow before the swim, then probably stop by a bike shop or two after the swim and continue my quest for the perfect gear.

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