Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally Started It!

Ever since I registered for Ironman Florida '09 back in November '08, I thought I should write a blog about this journey. Mostly for myself - to be able to reflect back on it and see how my training went along the way - but also to keep my friends and family in the loop, if they're interested. But I kept putting off starting the blog because I felt like the first post should be about why I signed up, and that might take some explaining to do. So for now, I'm just going to post about the present, and maybe I'll catch up with the past some day.

My training seems to have hit a speed bump in the last week or two. I ran the Shamrock'n Half Marathon in West Sacramento on March 15 as part of my 30th birthday celebration. It was a PR for me - 2:20:58. (10:45 min mile pace). My goal was 2:30 so I was pretty happy with this. But I haven't gone running since! It's been 8 days now. And to back track more, on March 8 I rode 50 miles on my bike with my friend and until Saturday I hadn't been on my bike since then.

Part of it has been that I've been the sole provider for the puppy for the last 2 weeks. But part of it has been laziness too. Nothing's stopping me from hopping on my bike trainer at home with the puppy, except the laziness. I blame.. well, not sure what I blame. But it has something to do with trying to do afternoon workouts. I do much better with morning workouts, but I just haven't changed my sleep habits to start doing morning workouts. Afternoon workouts, well, all day I think of reasons not to do them. Morning workouts - alarm goes off and I'm out of bed and out the door to swim, bike, or run. I plan to change to morning workouts very soon. Maybe later this week. Part of the problem is also that I signed up for a triathlon training class. The winter portion had some great speed workouts that really improved my running technique and speed. But the weekday workouts start at 6pm, which is when I like to be eating dinner. Tomorrow I plan to go to the 6pm running session and do about 5 miles at the park with my fellow classmates. So that's my excuse to not run today. But tonight I plan to hop on my trainer and ride for 2 episodes of a tv show which will be about 90 minutes total. Hopefully I can bear it that long. The trainer is a bit boring.

Lunch break is over, more later!

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  1. so did you ever do that post about why you signed up? next time you have a rest day, you should tell the story. I'd love to read it, for one. :)