Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby steps

I'm making progress on switching to morning workouts. No, I didn't do another one this morning. But I did just change my hours at work for the month of April to 9:00-5:30. That lets me wake up at 6am and get a good workout in before heading to work. I'm also going to start commuting by bicycle next month. I plan to ride 4x per week to work. One of those days I'll probably just ride halfway - I'll drive to the park that's halfway between work and home, and ride my bike from there. That way I will have enough energy for running, since I can't get by on bike training alone! My bike commute isn't very far - about 7.5 miles each way - but since I took the winter off, I may need a month or so to get used to it again.

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