Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another rest day

My training schedule has been all messed up for a few weeks and it continued today with another rest day. I'm not doing a good job of balancing puppy + self. I just feel guilty leaving her in her crate all day while I'm at work and then adding extra time to that by doing a workout away from home. But yesterday I joined my training buddy at the park after work for a 5 mile run. (She's doing IM FL too!) We kept a good pace and that was my second workout of the day. So I'm trying not to beat myself up for not biking or running today. I did at least take Sierra out for a slightly longer walk than usual.

Tonight I went to the Sac Tri Club kick off party which was at a local bike shop. The shop offered us 20% off and, sadly, I couldn't find anything to buy. The shop was a lot smaller than I expected and didn't carry any of the gear I like. (Pearl Izumi and Specialized, most notably.) I knew I'd be missing a workout opportunity by going to the party but I felt like it was important to meet some of the people that I'll see at races all year, and find more people to train with!

I'm in the market for road bike shoes. I've been using mountain bike shoes ever since I started riding, since that was when we were living in the VI and I knew I'd be walking up some of the hills there. But now I'm ready to upgrade. My feet are too big though so I'm having difficulty finding shoes that fit me. Lots of the local bike shops are having sales this weekend though so I will buy some by the end of the long weekend! (My office observes Cesar Chavez day on Monday.) I have new pedals - I went for the LOOK Keo Sprint pedals. Almost got talked into buying the Carbon ones but I think for my level of performance, I'd just be paying $80 extra to lose an extra ounce (literally just 1 oz) of weight in the pedals, and honestly I should just eat less!

Tuesday's morning workout kept me energized all day. As I've said before, I need to switch to AM workouts. I've cancelled my downtown parking permit as of the end of the month so I will be commuting by bicycle starting next week! That'll get me started on morning workouts!

Plan for the next few days:
Thursday: ??? (this is why my training has gone downhill. failure to plan = planning to fail!) I might have to work late, but if I don't, I'd like to say that I'll go for a run, but realistically, I'll feel guilty about ditching the puppy right after I get home, so I'll probably end up taking her to the dog park and running around with her there.
Friday: ??? bike on the trainer for 45 min before work??
Saturday: Run 5-7 miles; Swim clinic at noon.
Sunday: Bike 50-60 miles. [plus do taxes and sketch out training plan for the next few weeks.]
Monday: Bike 15-30 miles and/or swim and/or weights. Really need to get back into doing weights regularly.

Upcoming events:
April 4: Party Pardee 100k bike ride
April 11: Ice Breaker open water swim (maybe I should start swimming soon, eh?)
April 17: Ice Breaker sprint triathlon
April 26: Chico Mildflower 100k bike ride
May 2: Napa Vintage 1/2 Iron triathlon (not registered, still just a maybe, there are a lot of events that weekend so I'm having commitment issues)

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