Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Questionable DC eating options

After a few days of successfully eating gluten free in Washington DC, I am pretty sure I finally got glutened. Either my lunch at Bus Boys and Poets (I had about half of this giant pile of vegan nachoes) or my dinner at Naked Pizza was the culprit. Both have gluten free options. I ran out of Glutenease the same day.

DC restaurant: Open City

Open City in NW Washington DC seems to be a very safe choice for gluten free diners. And it's yummy. I had a chickpea shrimp quinoa dinner and went back the next day for breakfast. My latte was delicious as was my mushroom omelette with corn grits. They had vegan options too, but I didnt notice anything that was gf, vegan,*and* soy free. I'd definitely go back here and it's near a Metro stop.

Washington DC restaurant: Legal Seafood

Rediscovered Legal Seafood this summer while in Boston. They are great with gluten free diners. They have a celiac menu with plenty of options (appetizers through dessert) and will even bring warm gf bread rolls to the table. We ate there twice in Boston and again in DC recently.

(Not a good choice for vegan diners.)

Denver airport

Gluten free options in Denver airport:

Jamba Juice and TCBY are my top picks.

Hudson News in Terminal B sells lots of gf snacks: original corn nuts, Kind bars and granola, some gf Go Packs, various types of gf popcorn and popcorn chips and dried fruit, Pop Chips, Mrs Mays snacks, and more.

It's all better than nothing but I am tired of eating processed food.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Beer Week

This past week was Beer Week in Sacramento. The wonderful owner of Gluten Free Specialty helped organize a gluten free beer tasting event at River Rock Tap House. Melanie brought gluten free snacks too, so we had crackers and hummus to pad our bellies as we tasted the beers.

I'd previously tried Green's and Bard's and Redbridge (my favorite-I'm told this means I'm not a real beer lover). But the tasting was my first opportunity to try New Planet. Of the three New Planet beers, I enjoyed the Raspberry Ale the most. I miss being able to drink Pyramid's Apricot Ale, which was one of my favorite beers in my pre-gluten free days, so having a fruity beer was a treat!

The Crunchmaster 7 ancient grain sea salt crackers were my favorite (rice crackers always taste a little funny to me but I liked some of the rice crackers too).

The bar also had four flavors of Two Rivers gluten free hard cider on tap. I tried Pear for the first time. It isn't as sweet as Wyder's pear cider and there was something really different about it. I still haven't decided if it was a good different or not. Also available on tap from Two Rivers: pomegranate, blood orange, and huckleberry.

It was a really nice way to end a busy weekend. It was super awesome having an event like this during Beer Week! Thanks to Melanie, Dan, and Scott for organizing it!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foam rollers

enough said.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Miglet's raspberry donut

Miglet's bakery makes gluten free donuts. I've tried both raspberry and maple. The icing on both was reeeeeeeeally sweet. The raspberry was better than the maple as the jam filling helps disguise the otherwise dry donut. Not sure these are worth the calories.

I miss hot fresh Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts.